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Saturday 14th February 2009 ........

The day the format and the tone of the NoTRAG website changed.

This section of the Notrag website remains unchanged in format but not in content. We hope you will return again and again to remind yourself of battles past and read our new community stories. After all the saving of the communities local to Heathrow Airport is one of the principal aims of NoTRAG.

Losers List

LOSERS LIST - Future Heathrow are still flogging their economic argument and pushing their advert showing 100 companies that think expansion is necessary for Britain's economic future - despite the fact that NoTRAG and HACAN's research into the list show that most appear motivated by self interest.

The list is fast becoming a list of losers. On 10th November, the latest company to announce either job loses or financial difficulties (or both) was Pendragon, whose non-executive Chairman is BAA's Nigel Rudd. The posh car company has just announced losses of 30m. Clearly these business brains don't have all the answers.

Ann Sobey (1922-2008)

Photo: Sunday Telegraph

Tribute to a veteran campaigner

Spot the Difference

NoTRAG ~ Heathrow Noise Map

The peachy-pink area indicates noise levels of 50 decibels, a level that the ANASE report stated caused annoyance. However, the Dft Consultation ignored this report, which it had commissioned in 2001, and used 22-year old information which set the level at 57db (dark pink area). Ask the thousands of people who are considered "unaffected" by airport expansion if they think they'll spot the difference when an extension the size of Gatwick is added to Heathrow.

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